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Hi Guys,…

Hope you are all good,..

Here I am back again,..I just spend two weeks traveling around for a contest and training, so just to give you quick note where I have been and what I was doing !

First trip was trip to Serbia Belgrade for a skatepark contest “WInner of Belgrade 2010″, as soon as we arrived it was crowded so It was exciting to ride in front of people, went well I was feeling great and I was ready for a comp,..
First was semifinals, where I did my run and finished first, and then when the night came I was ready for a finals where I did my tricks and finished 1st !

Next thing for me was back to Croatia to Osijek where was biggest Extreme festival in this part of europe and it was just amazing,..first days where BMX skatepark,…watching my friends and Daniel Dhers “X-games gold medalist” and there was a MTB dirt,..
Training was perfect for me and jumps where pretty big and tricky but I was feeling great ! Contest started and I mess up my first run,..and finished 4th, but then was a Best trick comp, where I did backflip super can and took the win ! :)

All together it was amazing time, and great riding !

P.S. Here is the VIDEO from Pannonian Challenge, part starts on 8:51 short but sweet :)



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