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Iako je održana druga utrka World Cup-a, pa sam razgovor i nije najsvježiji, neke stvari nikad ne zastarijevaju. Pročitajte sve što ste dosad željeli znati o CRC timu, Intense-u M9 i o razvoju biciklizma kroz riječi Nigel Pagea, Chris Kovarika i Claire Buchar.

Nigel Page:

Well its the third year of our team, ChainReactionCycles, our main sponsor, and one of my long term sponsors, Intense Bicycles. We have same riders that we had from start, plus Matti Lehikoinen. Matti had ridden Intense two years ago and he really liked the bike and got on well with Jeff Steber from Intense…

We have new M9 prototype bike for this season, which is basically a combination of last two years of testing, riding and racing, and we worked over winter on this bike. This is what we feel is the best bike we’ve ever had. All the riders are very happy with it. We changed lever ratio on suspensions, we have three different settings, depending on the track.

It also has adjustable head angle, and we raised BB a bit. And we stacked 9 inches of travel. We feel its best on this bike, and we raised BB a bit to get better pedal clearance. But when bike sits through travel it doesn’t feel high. We try to keep front end pretty low. And we lengthen top tube for most of guys on the team.

Reason why we don’t ride 951 is that M9 is better for World Cup racing style, while 951 might be better for consumers. It’s plush at the start, and gets stiffer at end. But guys are very satisfied with new M9, and they say it’s the best bike they ever had.

Marzocchi forks are new this year, we have been on Manitou for last couple of years, but we decided to change to Marzocchi, they offered us a great deal on the team and wanted to work on stuff for the future. New 888 are really lite, it’s really stiff as well, and performance of the fork is brilliant! And for mechanics it’s easy to tune them.

I would like to add that support from ChainReactionCyles is amazing; they have been fantastic to us. As for our sponsors, they get us product on time, and we would like to thank them for that. Hope has made custom brakes for us, branded for CRC team.

Team has been practicing all winter, and mechanics Paul and Dave worked really hard to tune everything. We couldn’t ask for much more, so what is left is to perform, and get some good results.

Vinko: Thanks, Nigel…

Chris Kovarik:

Oh, man, track the same every year. It gets boring, same old crap every year, same lines, its a one-line track. It gets rough out, and you get no option to ride, everybody gets to deal with it but… This weekend was rougher than ever, rain n’ stuff.

It was hard, I crashed at the top wood, my wheel garbed roots and slid out in soggy mud, I lost pace. Pretty much you make mistake at this track, it’s over, times are so close. I tried to get going and get some points, but before the end I crashed again in the woods…

About organization, I’m not sure about regulations about hill, about making a track, but they must do something different, well, it’s limitation on sport if we ride every year same thing. It needs to be faster, wider, more options, to have few more lines, we have 9” of travel, we need to use it…  And it would be more interesting for spectators if it would be faster.

Claire  Buchar:

It was definitely challenging, considering weather and conditions, the course got very messy and degraded with all the riders going down. So it was challenging just to stay on the bike. It was a big difference between qualifying and race… Some of the corners where blown out, and during the race mud was like peanut butter, and tires were like big Gazzaloddi tires (Nokian). I’m pretty happy with the result, I made a few mistakes, but in the end it was OK…

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