Report: March report by Mislav Mironović

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Report: March report by Mislav Mironović

It’s March and that means I am flying to USA for my 8th time in my life.

This time I was flying with my girlfriend, our dream was to come to NYC together and we did it, from dreams to reality, first destination, one and the only NYC !


After great 13 days in NYC It was time to go to the ARMY. Hehe Just kidding, WOODWARD TIME ! Well depends on how you wanna use it ?


Finally I came here with different state of mind, all these years I came here to pursue new tricks for competitions, but now after I decided to get away from comps, I finally came to ride for myself and for future projects, no stress ! Life here hasn’t changed, just my state of mind and focus. I could say that now I am finally riding like I was riding when there wasn’t any sponsors involved or money, and just because of that I succeeded, and now being back to that it means only more success in the future, and now.


First time I came here I was 20 years old, and for that time I was young, now when I am 28, it’s great to see the change, from the way I approach to riding, living and workingout.
I wish I had the knowledge of who I am now when I was 20, and I wish I have balls from that 20 year old Mislav now, but It’s a fair game. One thing that hasn’t changed and that is love towards cycling.


After few days I went to a special friend of mine Don Hampton from “DH PRODUCTIONS” and look what I found there: NEW DECLINE MAGAZINE with Red Bull Snowcranks article.


After few Days in Woodward Camp I got invited to take part of Red Bull Mini Drome Race in NYC, I was super happy about that, but didn’t really know what to except, fixed gear, and curved course. Well lets do it.

WP_20130323_017 copy

Soon as I arrived to NYC again with a support of DHproductions I went to check out the course, and I was blown away by the location, course was in the middle of church and it was funny to see a DJ on priest’s place. :)) .


100 riders came and qualification started at 6pm, I had a plenty of time to watch other riders while they go through qualifications because I had a start number 98. 10 pm and It was my turn, church was full to the max, looks like there were lot of christians in Brooklyn that evening, hehe.. I had 3 test laps to check out how things are working and I forgot to pedal in the corners, because I was used to single speed bikes, not fixed gear ones. Ok, I was repeating in my head: just pedal, lean with your shoulder in the corner and look out of the corner. That’s exactly what I did and after 10 laps I qualified 4th out of 100 riders. Won my first battle, and in next battle I was too agressive with corners so my tire blew up.


Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 1.42.57 PM

Casey can flip ?

Few months ago I was watching Casey Neistat’s videos on youtube and I was inspired by him. I saw he has an email address on his website so I decided to contact him cause I wanted to meet him, but then a great idea came to my mind: why wouldn’t I teach him how to flip with a mountainbike? After I introduced myself to him and explained what I would love to do, he replayed LET’S DO IT ! Well we did it !

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 9.34.58 PM

Ok, he came to Woodward Camp and first I saw his camera and then him approaching to me. Hi my name is Mislav, Casey, nice to meet you.
Soon as he entered the Bud’s barn where we were staying he started to climb all over the barn and I knew this will be great and funny project.
He took my bike and he was ready, after he got used to it we started to jump into the foam, I explained him what to do and he was learning fast, step by step. After 9 tries he did a backflip into the foampit, but not just a backflip, it was a perfectly controlled one.

The goal was achieved, Casey can flip !


We had one day left to have fun.


In free time I played with my Gopro camera & new Red Bull Editions and made a little movie about it !



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