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TDM 2016 Results

Podium finishers of TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon in thier categries are :

1. Luka Tavčar (SLO) – CALCIT BIKE TEAM – 9:33:44
2. Andre Schütz (GER) – Team Texpa Simplon – 10:05:51
3. Tim Weismantel (GER) – Team Texpa Simplon – 10:12:11

1. Corinne Overney (SUI) – Routiers Bikers Équipements Corratec – 13:51:53

1. Wouter Cleppe (BEL) + Marton Blazso (HUN) – RAM ALPINBIKE BMC – 9:42:52
2. Srečko Križnič (SLO) + Uroš Breški (SLO) – DEŠ FLEK DJAK – 11:13:45
3.Mitja Tancik (SLO) + Gregor Dimic (SLO) – – CUBE – 12:01:57

1. Andrea Kiršić (CRO) + Pavao Roset (CRO) – Keindl Sport – 11:40:30
2. Ivonne Kraft (GER) + Peter Vesel (SLO) – KEINDL SPORT – CUBE – 12:32:15
3. Jasmina Šarotar (CRO) + Tomislav Špišić (CRO) – Crvenonoge prutke – 14:17:37

Complete results are displayed here.

Partnership with Mountain rescue service of Bosnia and Herzegovina

At Stage Two – most demanding TDM stage – we’ve partnered with Union of Mountain Rescue Services of Bosnia and Herzegovina to provide extra safety and logistics support. Five checkpoints, one feed zone, and one water zone is what GSSuBiH and GSS HBŽ will provide for you, but what they provide for the quality of this marathon streches far beyond any man-made border.

Sponzor GSSu BiH za FB

Registrations closing August 20th

Registrations are closing on Saturday August 20th. Please complete your registrations before that date, as there will be no possibility to join or modify your status after.
NOTE: for all payments made after August 15th please send us a copy of your transaction to
Check your status here and let us know if we’ve missed a spot.

Registrations closing

Stage Two route update!

Our first (and last) major update relates to Stage Two. New route was designed by bureaucracy, so all involved services of two states in charge of marathon safety are now comfortable with it. Update has cut some miles and climbs (18km and 350m of ascent), but it brought some extra wilderness and less paved roads. Updated route is displayed here, and its comparison to a previous version on a map is available here.

Overview graphic Update v2.0

Croatian Telekom to provide free 4G Internet connection to TDM riders

We’ve partnered with Croatian Telekom to provide all TDM riders with free WiFi internet access along the marathon stages. Bunch of super-fast 4G HotSpots will be available in gyms, info desk, and other points of interest in Trilj, Vrlika, Knin (and possibly at Vrdovo camp), so you’ll be able to connect to reality 🙂 and keep in touch with your friends and family.

We are proud to have such a strong partner to support us on our quest!

Hrvatski telekom (Custom)

Husqvarna of Croatia to sponsor and support TDM

Husqvarna of Croatia has set its sight on helping us groom untamed parts of Dinara and Kamesnica mountain. Husqvarna will provide us tools needed to put back in order some 10km of forgotten Stages 1 and 2 trail. Among becoming our partner, Husqvarna has set aside goodies to be presented to poduim finishers od 2016 TDM edition.

It is nice to know who you can rely on when you have a restless mountain in your backyard.

Press conference

On Friday April 29th, we’ve held a press conference in Sv.Mihovil hotel in Trilj. In the company of the head of Croatian mountain rescue service and directors of host cities tourist offices, we’ve presented 2016 TransDinara MTB marathon, talked about its appeal, influence on strive of locals toward development of active tourism, and the hidden, neglected beauty of Dalmatian inland.

Media coverage (in Croatian):


TDM 2016: mandatory GPS device

Use of GPS device is mandatory in this year’s marathon. Although, you will not have to use it constantly to navigate the route, each individual must have a GPS device in order to start any stage of TransDinara marathon. One GPS device per team also qualifies. For the most of the time, in order to successfully navigate through marathon stages, you’ll be able to rely on 4 kinds of trail markings and signs, including 150 permanent signs like these:


Due to total marathon lenght of 226km, weather conditions, and various kinds of human interferences, marathon track displayed on your GPS device will give a you straight answer in situations where there is confusion or lack in trail markings. Further more, GPS device will come in handy as you approach urban areas, where clear visual marking of the route may become difficult to achieve.

Regarding GPS devices, you are free to use any kind, but we highly recommend that your device is:
– waterproof
– shock resistant
– installed firmly on the bike
– powered by a battery that can last for minimum of 12hrs (or that the battery can be changed on the field)

Most mobile phones are equipped with a GPS module, but do not fit mentioned characteristics, and therefore should not be your primary choice. However, we leave this decision up to you. If you do choose a mobile phone as your primary GPS device, please be sure that it can display marathon route (tracks and waypoints) independently from the mobile provider service (internet connection). Places that you are heading to do not have an internet connection.

– stage tracks for download (available on this site)
– send all the GPS data needed to all registered participants via email 10 day before marathon starts
– tech support with GPS data transfer to your device on-site (at info desk)
– possibility to purchase alkaline AA and AAA batteries (at info desk)
– 220V grid connection to charge your device within joint accommodation