Stage 2 – September 3rd 2016

This is it! This stage is the crown jewel of our event! It presents you with everything that Dinara mountain has to offer right from the start (camp Vrdovo). Saturday (September 3rd) morning starts off with a 10km climb on a steep, rough trail some of you will remember form the 2014 edition, followed by a virtual border crossing and descent to Bosnian side of the mountain. The saying „Grass is always greener on the other side“ makes perfect sense here, as you are greeted with compact, wide trail, deep in the shade of a forest, and used by local loggers. It will guide you to Great Poljanice (Velike Poljanice), an area that – besides being great in every meaning of the word – will bring a dash of Alps to this rather cruel experience. But somewhere around 30th kilometre all will fit back to its place…with the exception of your kidney stone 🙂 Rough and rocky military path covered with tall grass and occasional small bushes, and repetitive silhouettes of hill tops that make track’s altitude profile resemble teeth line-up on a saw will make it easy for your brain to start thinking you are lost. UPDATE! Instead of heading toward Lišanjski peak, the modified version of Stage Two leads you to the heart of Dinara mountain on a trail that no one has taken in years. Twenty kilometres of pure wilderness is what you have to negotiate before you can set your eyes on  evidence of human existence; Uniške doce. It will take few more kilometres of descent before you can take a closer look at this isolated village used by shepherds during summer, and it will take a couple more Ks of technical trail descent before you touch a paved road in Uništa village – a Bosnian village that can be accessed only from Croatia. After a short break at the feed zone, and few kilometres on the road, trail toward Vrlika becomes hospitable and pleasurable, with a view on reddish hue of Dinara massif, the sound of a river purl and waterfall roar, and the softness of Vrlika’s  grassy plains.

Stage 2 - Visinski profil - Update v2.0

Check out Stage Two specs, and detailed info on the map provided.

Stage Two displayed on a map

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