About TDM

TransDinara MTB marathon is a three-stage, three-day race that aims to gather professional and recreational international riders, and take them trough the most inhospitable part od Croatia, with high-level of organisation and safety. TDM is the most demanding stage marathon in Croatia, possibly in the region; among huge distances that riders have to cross daily, and high altitude differences, harsh weather conditions and rough terrain will make this a challenge for every individual or team. In return, these mountains offer exceptional experience of wilderness and escape from the daily routine; something every mountain biker pursuits. Dinara mountain will make sure of rough conditions. We, the organizer, host-cities, and partners are here for Your comfort and safety.

Dates: September 2nd – September 4th 2016
Type of race: three-day / three-stage MTB marathon
Race format: XCP, according to UCI rules and regulations for stage MTB marathon races
Geographical area: Kamešnica and Dinara mountains (Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Participants: INDIVIDUAL (man/woman); two-member TEAMS (men/women/mix)
Number of participants: limited to 100, in accordance with Terms and Conditions
Host cities: Trilj, Sinj, Vrlika and Knin (Croatia)
Organiser: Mountain bike club ZEMLJA-ZRAK, Moscenicka 19, Zagreb 10000, OIB: 47048799339
Main partner: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

All the information about TransDianara marathon are available on this website. Please, bare in mind site is currently under redesign, so some infos from 2014 might be displayed.

Obrađene (7 of 15)

It is not easy to describe Dinara mountain. Here’s the best we could come up with:
“When we set out to explore the route of TransDinara marathon, we had no idea the nature could fascinate with its minimalism, in the absolute. Two colours in a thousand shades, and not a single sound, except that of tyres milling the harsh mountain trail and the wind that becomes a natural tinnitus. Vastness gains real dimension. Any comment, query and wonder becomes supressed by an occasional sigh; either the one from fighting for a breath on one of hundreds endless climbs, or the one that simply signifies immense awe for the size of everything surrounding you. Stripped of any aesthetics that we as nature-lovers and mountain bikers are used to, which provides us with comfort and motivation in moments of utmost physical strain, pedalling on this route becomes a demanding psychological test: no part of the route is predictable, no area gives a hint whether it is going to get easier or harder. Any guesses about the terrain before us are of no use. Endless curves of mountains in front of us, valleys and hills behind us. And in the far distance, exponentially larger combination of this scenery. Dinara is a mountain of constants. One of those is harshness. Harshness of terrain, harshness of nature and everything it sculpted. And it shapes us, too, as We suspiciously observe a wonderful downhill in front of us, weary of repentance in the form of next climb that will wipe the naïve, childish smirk off our faces, for the thousandth time. The sweetest smile comes at the end. And lasts almost forever.”

Mountain in its might and size. Man in his wish and humble self.