Croatian mountain rescue service is our main partner in this event. Beside providing security for participants, recognizing TDM 2014 as a ideal pilot for Croatian national project of active tourism strategy – Tour de CroActive – confirms the quality of our marathon.

Partner GSS


City of Trilj and Trilj tourist board are hosting marathon start, and making sure that your first impressions are perfect! This small city on the banks of Cetina river is shaping itself toward active tourism, so what better place to start your adventure…



City of Sinj i Sinj tourist board are your host at the end of Stage 1, and start of Stage 2. Sinj is a city of exceptional historical significance and tradition, and yet a community that will recognize a hero in you, despite all the lycra 🙂

Sinj 2


City of Vrlika and Vrlika tourist board have oriented themselves toward sport and recreational tourism long ago. Vrlika has proven that in 2014 when they welcomed TDM with such a great atmosphere, food and entertainment. Even the toughest stage is an easy one when you know one entire city is looking forward to see you at the finish line!



City of Knin and Knin tourist board know all about acts of bravery, kings, queens and crowns. There is no better way to top off your epic adventure than that ending in an ancient fortress high above this city of royals.

Knin 3