Accommodation included in registration fee is a joint/group accommodation mostly in host-cities gymnasiums. In 2016 our schedule looks like this:

September 1st (Thursday night) we stay in Trilj school gymnasuim.
For private accommodation options you can contact Trilj toursit board.

September 2nd (Friday night) we stay in a camp we set up for you on Vrdovo plain (Stage 1 finish/Stage 2 start). Camp will consist of 5 tents, capactiy 20 persons each, foldable beds, toilets and showers. Mountain hut Saint Jacob will also be at our disposal, and we’ll use it to server dinner and breakfast. You are free to set up your own camp. Vrdovo is accessible by car, so your support can join you. Relatively close to Vrdovo are Bitelić, Rumin, Hrvace, Pletikosići…
For private accommodation options you can contact Sinj tourist board.

September 3rd (Saturday night) we stay in Vrlika school gymnasium located in the town center.
For private accommodation options you can contact Vrlika tourist board. Relatively close to Vrlika is Garjak, peaceful little place on the coast of Peruča lake.

If you choose our joint accommodation option, you’ll need:
– a sleeping bag
– a sleeping pad
– toiletries
– towels

Within joint accommodation you’ll find:
– bicycle parking lot
– 220V power supply