Husqvarna of Croatia to sponsor and support TDM

Husqvarna of Croatia has set its sight on helping us groom untamed parts of Dinara and Kamesnica mountain. Husqvarna will provide us tools needed to put back in order some 10km of forgotten Stages 1 and 2 trail. Among becoming our partner, Husqvarna has set aside goodies to be presented to poduim finishers od 2016 TDM edition.

It is nice to know who you can rely on when you have a restless mountain in your backyard.

TransDinara 2016 date announcement!

After a long break, TransDinara marathon returns the first weekend of September 2016! We’ll be posting more info in days to come, including stage announcements. Stages 1 and 2 are being completely redesigned, while stage 3 will remain the same. TransDinara marathon starts September 2nd from Trilj, and ends September 4th in Knin. Registrations open April 1st 2016. Stay tuned!

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