Husqvarna of Croatia to sponsor and support TDM

Husqvarna of Croatia has set its sight on helping us groom untamed parts of Dinara and Kamesnica mountain. Husqvarna will provide us tools needed to put back in order some 10km of forgotten Stages 1 and 2 trail. Among becoming our partner, Husqvarna has set aside goodies to be presented to poduim finishers od 2016 TDM edition.

It is nice to know who you can rely on when you have a restless mountain in your backyard.

Giant of Croatia – tech support and bike service zone

It is with great pleasure to announce that this year’s circus will be accompanied by at least 2-3 people that actually know what they are doing: Giant of Croatia mobile service team. In their mobile service zone, at the end of Stages One and Two, they will be offering bike maintenance and service, either as a prepaid option (available trough the registration process) at a promo price, or as a standard LBS (pay on the spot). Giant will also follow us around with a bunch of their test models, in case of a major failure on your bike, or in case you get so curious on one of the Giant 2016 models.

GIANT SERVICE PREPAID package (available trough the registration process) at 20,00 EUR/person includes:
– bike check-up, fine-tuning, and chain maintenance/lubing (at Stages One and Two)
– all the labor spent in eliminating failures/breakdowns (parts are excluded)
– priority in the service schedule
– replacement bike in case of inability to fix yours


Adria Winch to support permanent trail marking of TDM

Adria Winch, a company that designs and manufactures some serious, industrial sized winches, offered to support our event by producing 150 signs that will be used to permanently mark the trail of TDM. Signs are designed to withstand harsh weather condition, they will be placed in non-urban areas, and will dispaly additional information for the safety of everyone that visits Dinara mountain.

Adria Winch will also offer discount to any TDM 2016 rider that needs a new winch for his/hers cruise ship or oil tanker 🙂

Thank you for the pull,