Terms and Conditions

TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon Terms, Conditions and Regulations are also available as PDF document here.

Race: TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon
Dates: September 2nd – September 4th 2016
Type of race: recreational/amateur cycling race
Race format: mountain bike stage marathon
Place: Kamesnica and Dinara mountains (Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Host cities: Trilj, Hrvace, Vrlika and Knin (Croatia)
Main partner: Croatian mountain rescue service
Organizer: BBK Zemlja-Zrak, Moscenicka 19, 10000 Zagreb, OIB 47048799339
Official website: www.transdinara.com
Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/transdinara
E-mail: info@transdinara.com

a) Only by submitting the registration form and paying the registration fee, participants are considered registered to participate in MTB race “TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon” organized by Zemlja-Zrak bike club, from September 2nd to September 4th 2016, on KameŇ°nica and Dinara mountains (Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina)
b) TransDinara MTB marathon is a recreational, three-day three-stage race opened to all adults in good physical condition
c) by submitting the registration form, participants give permission to organizer to use their personal information (name, address, date of birth, sex, contact info) for race organization purposes
d) registration cannot be transferred to another participant or to a third party
e) by submitting the registration form to TransDinara MTB marathon, participants agree to all the terms, conditions and regulations of the race
f) participants permit the organizer to use their names and provided photographs for the promotional purposes of the race
g) participants must provide some sort of identification (ID card / passport) upon marathon check-in
h) organizer is permitted to further check the information provided on the registration form

a) maximum number of participants at TransDinara 2016 marathon is limited to 100
b) all the participants must be of age/adults according to their resident country laws, and according to Croatian law (person will be considered of age/adults if they are 18 or over on the day of September 2nd, 2016)
c) participants may choose between five categories; two individual (male/female) and three team (two men /two women/ one man and one woman) categories
d) race numbers will be provided by the organizers, and participants must keep them displayed on their bikes for the entire duration of the race

a) all personal bicycle equipment must be in safe working order. Participants must take care that their bicycles are in safe working order during entire duration of the race
b) bicycle must be driven only by human power
c) bicycle must comply with all the UCI standards for MTB bicycles
d) organizer or the judge is permitted to disqualify participants whose bicycles does not comply with the UCI standards for MTB bicycles, or those whose bicycles are unsafe or not in working order

a) each participant certifies his/her own medical ability to participate in this race and states to have the appropriate fitness level for this kind of competition. If the need be, participants should be able to provide additional medical proof
b) participants who display evidently poor medical condition could be disqualified by the medical staff during any point of the race

a) obligatory equipment: a GPS device (one per team), a bicycle helmet, a mobile phone (switched on, fully charged),
b) recommended equipment: a bicycle lamp, a basic first aid kit, a whistle, basic bicycle tools and basic tyre repair kit.
c) participants are obliged to use clothes and gear appropriated to local weather conditions

a) participants are obliged to be aware of their own safety and safety of others
b) participants are obliged to play fair throughout the entire race
c) participants are obliged to provide first aid to another injured participant or seek help of emergency unit
d) participants are obliged to be aware of all the voice, sign or other instructions given by the organizer, judge or medical/security staff
e) slower participants are obliged to let the quicker ones pass as safely as possible and whenever conditions allows them to

a) Participants must follow the race trail at all times (using markings on the trail and/or GPS data provided by the organizer)
b) GPS device is a mandatory equipment to be used by participants as a confirmation of the course due to missing or confusing markings
c ) moving outside of the trail will be allowed only with the organizer consent, or with consent of staff in charge of security on the field
d) moving outside of the trail or not following given directions is dangerous; it may even include serious landmine threats
e) participants moving outside of the trail, or those who would not follow given directions will be disqualified instantly
f) all the trails and stages of the race will be available on the official website of the race, along with the GPS data of the trails

a) some stages of the TransDinara MTB marathon include using public roads, which may or may not be closed for traffic
b) whether the roads are going to be closed for traffic depends on the safety assessment of Croatian police
c) while using open public roads, participants are obliged to move with caution, to follow the traffic signs and all the traffic rules valid within the Republic of Croatia

a) timing is done by the organizer, while data processing and live results display is done by timing service Stotinka.hr
b) every stage of the race will be timed (stage result), and overall result (race result) is the sum of all the stage results
c) stage result of the slower team member is considered to be stage result of that team
d) team members must cross each stage finish line within a 2 minutes gap
e) if a time gap between two team members is larger than 2 minutes, team loses its result, overall standing and right to participate in the prize fund, with an option to continue the race outside of competition
f) all the stage timings and overall results will be available online at www.stotinka.hr

a) registrations are possible online only by submitting the registration form that can be found on official website
b) registrations are opened on April 1st 2016, and closed on August 20th 2016, or upon receiving 100 complete registrations
b bike clubs can register their members via email info@transdinara.com
b) registration will be considered completed after the registration form is submitted and registration fee is paid
c) the list of registered participants will be available on official website

a) after 100 participants register, organizers might offer a waiting list
b) if any of registered participants waives their participation for any reason, the next in line on the waiting list moves up
c) the waiting list registration process will be announced and available on official website

a) the time and place of the start for each stage will be cited in Race program and available on official website
b) the organizers reserve the right to allocate participants to certain start positions (boxes), according to categories and the number of participants
c) the timing for all participant and for every stage of the race begins after the organizer marks the race start

a) each stage of the race has its time limit, which includes one or more time gates at every stage
b) teams/participants who finish all three stages of the race within the time limit are eligible for the final result
c) teams/participants who do not finish any stage within the time limit are disqualified from further competition
d) teams/participants who don’t cross the time gate/gates within the time limit are disqualified from further competition
d) the timing of each stage of the race finishes after the participants cross the stage finish line


a) in case of waiver before August 1st 2016 participants will be entitled to full registration fee and ordered services refund diminished by 15%
b) in case of waiver before September 20th 2016 participants will be entitled to full registration fee and ordered services refund diminished by 30%
c) in case of waiver after September 20th 2016 participants are not entitled to registration fee and ordered services refund
d) in case of waiver participants are not entitled for a refund for any ordered goods (such as bicycle jersey or the power package), but are entitled to claim those goods or have them delivered at their own expense
e) waiver before the race must be submitted only via e-mail at info@transdinara.com, and form an email address provided in the registration form

a) withdrawing from the race during the race is possible at all times
b) participants are obligated to inform organizer or security staff on the field of their withdrawal from the race
c) participants who withdraw from the race are obligated to wait for the organizer or security staff instructions about their further movement or transport options
d) search and rescue action will be initiated after participant that does not cross the stage finish line or time gate, does not inform organizer or security staff about their withdraw from the race, or does not follow issued instructions about their further movement, upon that participants expense
e) participants are not obligated to wait for organizer or security staff instructions about their movement in case they proceed moving along the stage route
f) by withdrawing from the race participant waives their right for registration fee or any other contracted service money refund
g) if one of the team members is to withdraw from the race, other team member can continue to race, but their recorded result is to be considered as an individual result outside of competition
h) team member that continues to race as an individual loses its right to participate in the prize fund

a) along the race course, feed zones will be set up, offering food and drinks
b) along the race course, one or more self-service water zones will be set up, offering only bottled water
c) on the finish of stages 1 and 2, bicycle service zone will be available, where participants will be offered professional bicycle repair service

a) objections, complaints about the judge decisions, timing, conduct of other participants are to be addressed to the race judge, at the start/finish of each stage of the race
b) race judge is appointed by the organizer
c) race judge will submit their decision after all the consultations are done
d) in case of complaints on the race judges’ decisions, participants may submit a written complaint to the organizer within 15 days after the race via email
e) organizer will then review all the complaints and reply in written form within 15 days of receiving the complaints
f) organizer’s written reply will be considered final, after which participants have no further rights to complain

a) organizer reserve the right to issue warnings, timing penalties or disqualifications to participants who will not comply by before mentioned rules.
b) warnings are issued by the judge of the game or organizer if / in case of: the start number is not displayed on the bike or is not clearly displayed; the participant does not start from his/her assigned post; obstruction of other participants; disregarding traffic signs and rules; holding onto motorized vehicles in traffic; littering during the race.
c) timing penalties are issued by the judge or organizer if participants: obstruct others; hold onto motorized vehicles in motion; disregard traffic signs and regulations
d) disqualification is issued by the judge or organizer if participants: move outside stage route; do not follow issued safety instruction; attempt to start a race with unsafe bicycle; do not use obligatory equipment; drive in reckless or aggressive manner; make threats or insult other participant, organizer, or members of the staff; does not finish the stage or does not cross time gate in time limit, does not obey to judges or organizer decisions or instructions

a) all participation fees, and a list of all the services included in participation fee is displayed on official website
b) basic participation fee is 130,00 EUR per participant
c) basic participation fee is subjected to discounts, such as early bird registration
d) participation fee (basic or early bird) is subjected to discount for all TransDinara 2014 participants. Information on the discount amount and combinations are displayed on official website

a) prize fund is made of money fund and sponsored gear fund
b) prize money fund total: 8.440,00 EUR (84,40 EUR per participant)
c) if the number of registered participants will be less than 100, the organizers reserve the right to proportionally lower the prize fund
d) value of the sponsored gear fund is estimated to 1.300,00 EUR
e) prize fund is intended for the first three individuals/teams/ in the two individual (male/female) categories and three team (male/female/mixed) categories.
f) 1st prize in individual category is 650,00 EUR
g) 2nd prize in individual category is 390,00 EUR
h) 3rd prize in individual category is 260,00 EUR
i) 1st prize in team category is 910,00 EUR
j) 2nd prize in team category is 650,00 EUR
k) 3rd prize in team category is 390,00 EUR
l) prizes will be paid out in Croatian national currency or its counter value in Euros to the winning participants’ bank accounts within 10 days after the race
m) the time and place of the victory ceremony will be stated in the Race program and made available on the official website

a) organizer reserve the right to modify the route of the marathon in any given moment, according to safety assessments by on-site professionals
b) organizer reserve the right to modify these Terms, Conditions and Regulations till August 15th 2016. If changes occur, registered participants will be informed via e-mail and by updates on official website
c) if participants do not agree with the changes of Terms, Conditions and Regulations, they are allowed to waive their participation within 5 days of the issuing the updated changes, and get full money refund


a) organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone or abort the race or any stage of the race in case of force majeure, certain sudden circumstances, or in case of life-threatening occurrence for the participants
b) in above mentioned cases of cancelling, postponing or aborting the race, or any stages of the race, participants will not be eligible for reimbursement of costs of any kind caused by that decision
c) in case of race cancellation participants are entitled to full refund of participation fee, and any other contracted but not consumed service

All the participants of TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon by submitting their registration directly agree on the following:
a) by signing this, participants agree that they will participate TransDinara 2016 MTB marathon at their own risk, that they are familiar with Terms, Conditions and Regulations of this race, as well as aware of the potential risks for physical injury or possible death that this event poses
b) participants agree that the organizers are not in any way responsible for any kind of damage done to them during TransDinara MTB race, directly, indirectly, non-related or related to the participant’s own fault or carelessness, or by carelessness or fault of other participants, before, during or after the race
c) participants are solely responsible to any kind of damage done to the third party by their own carelessness or direct fault
d) during the entire race and right before the race, participants are required follow to issued official Terms, Conditions and Regulations of the race, their updates, issued safety warnings, as well as of all the instructions given by the judge, security staff, and other people in charge of organizing the race
e) participants waive the rights to legally prosecute organizers for any kind of damage claim for damages which might have occurred during the race.
f) Croatian jurisdiction and legislative are amenable for any legal issues or prosecution between involved parties

Document version: 1.0
Release date: March 15th 2016